Viva La Vie Boheme!
— Johnathon Larson, RENT

Ricardo and Kelsey met while rehearsing for a community production of RENT. He was banging his drum, as Angel, and she was mooing with every ounce of her soul, as Maureen. They bonded in the dressing room as they did their makeup and a deep friendship took root somewhere between the laughs and the eyeliner. After working together on Cabaret (he directed, she played Sally), they knew they were destined to be friends, and after a couple glasses (bottles) of wine.. they decided to become business partners. Their devotion to musical theatre is undeniable and their love of creating art together is palpable. 

PPL R PPL Productions is about.. PEOPLE. It's about telling stories that invite our audience to see things from a perspective somewhere outside their own backyard. We do our best to bring something fresh to Saskatoon's musical theatre scene, and we choose to produce work that we find exciting and engaging. We believe that something magical happens when the orchestra starts to play, the actors take their places, and the audience fasten their seatbelts.. 

We are formed under the idea that amateur and professional theatre should have a bridge that connects the two ideals; creating work for professional technicians, musicians and actors while also mentoring community artists. Our mission is to create quality musical theatre productions while providing a meaningful experience for our cast, crew, and audience.

We respectfully acknowledge that PPL R PPL Productions takes place on Treaty 6 territory and the traditional lands of First Nations and Métis people. 

I think people are people.. I really do Cliff, don’t you? I don’t think they should have to explain anything to anyone.
— -Sally Bowles, Cabaret